Bill Simmons, perhaps the most recognised sports writer on the planet, is leaving ESPN at the completion of his current contract per a statement by Worldwide Leader boss John Skipper.

Simmons, who wrote the innovative Sports Guy column and created the wildly popular 30 For 30 Series, is a big fish in the world of sports journalism. News of his departure was met by analysis pieces by the likes of the New York Post, USA Today and Vanity Fair to name a few.

Never shy of taking swipes at Simmons, Deadspin put their own spin on the story by initiating the “Where Is Bill Simmons?” Photoshop Contest, where “artists” were invited to drop Simmons mug into a scenario of their own choosing – with an eye towards insulting the sports writer during a rather tumultuous part of his career.

The result, predictably, were a lot of people (most likely the fans of sports teams that Simmons had flamed over the years) being as ruthless as they were creative.